ACTRESS : 君島みお

DESCRIPTION : 『みお』は息子のワタルとの2人暮らし。スタイル抜群のみおは家計の為と、1人息子の大学の学費を工面するために夜のお仕事をしている。そんなある日、ワタルの引っ越す前の小学校の大親友、和也が遊びに来た。和也は久しぶりに見た友人の母の美貌に心が惹かれてしまう…。Nao、 a housewife who has been married for three years、 has been living a comfortable life、 but she is frustrated because her husband has male dysfunction. One day、 while cleaning the house、 she noticed that a young man who had moved into the house across the street was spying on her. Secretly fond of him、 she seduces him and soon finds herself drowning in his attractive young body…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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