ACTRESS : のあういか

DESCRIPTION : 若く美しい妻「ういか」。しかし夫は彼女に冷め切っており、昼も夜もないがしろにする。そんな気分を晴らそうと、花を届けてくれるサービスを利用した「ういか」は花屋に恋をしてしまう。妻と花屋の関係は急速に近づき何度も肉体関係を結び、お互い愛の深みへと落ちていく…Uika is a beautiful young wife. However, her husband is cold toward her and neglects her day and night. To relieve her mood, she uses a flower delivery service and falls in love with the florist. The relationship between the wife and the florist rapidly grows closer, and the two fall deeper and deeper in love with each other as they have physical relations many times…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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