ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : 露天温泉で浮気相手と青姦SEXに耽り、開放感とスリルでいつもより感度が上がる人妻たち。巨乳、美乳、爆乳とぷるんぷるんのオッパイ美女たちが濡れた蜜壺を突かれまくって連続絶頂する姿は淫乱そのもの!湯船の中で愛液を垂れ流し潮吹きさえする人妻達15人の痴態を収録した逸品!They indulge in outdoor sex with their cheating partners at an open-air hot spring、 and the sense of freedom and thrill makes them more sensitive than usual. They have big tits、 beautiful tits、 and the sight of them climaxing in succession as their wet honey pots are poked and prodded is lewdness itself! It is a gem that contains the lasciviousness of 15 married women who even squirt their love juices in the bathtub!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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