ACTRESS : 営業マン

DESCRIPTION : 内容:今回のBody Beatに出てくれたのは24歳のノンケ営業マン。たまたま、休憩していたところをスカウトマンに捕まり出演交渉。初めて男とのエッチな撮影に緊張しながらも、実はニューハーフとの経験がある持ち主。気持ち良ければ何でも可なんですね。男らしいく髭を蓄えてノンケらしい彼はニューハーフの方にモテまくっているそうです。そんな彼も、姿も男に責められるのは初。シャツを脱がせるとキレイな身体、そして彼のチ〇コをフェラをして、ゴーグルマンに向けてフィニッシュ!!Description: A 24-year-old straight salesman joins Body Beat this time. He happens to be taking a break when a scout catches him and negotiates for him to appear on the show. He is nervous about being photographed sexually with a man for the first time、 but he actually has experience with a transsexual. As long as it feels good、 anything is possible、 right? He has a manly beard and seems to be straight、 and is popular with transsexuals. This is the first time for him to be blamed by a man. He has a beautiful body when he takes off his shirt、 and he sucks his dick and finishes it for the goggle man!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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