ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : エロ女子が集まる都内屈指のナンパスポット池袋!ウブカワ女子大生さんが恥じらいながらも筆下しのお手伝い!念願叶って童貞卒業をした男子たち。早漏なのに絶倫で合計17射精!早漏で絶倫にドン引きな女子大生さんだけど、ヤったらこっちがドン引きする乱れっぷり!イキ過ぎて純情女子の理性崩壊!?Ikebukuro is one of the most popular pick-up spots in Tokyo where slutty girls gather! A bashful college girl helps a guy lost his virginity! These guys have finally gotten their wish and have graduated from virginity. Even though he starts off with a premature ejaculation、 he keeps on going and going for 17 cumshots in total! The college chick is a bit put off by his premature ejaculation and high libido at first、 but she gets real slutty real fast! This is the story of a pure-hearted girl who gets off on so much that her reasoning collapses!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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