DESCRIPTION : You guys might remember a few months ago when I met sweet、 petite Dada at a gog bar at LK Metro and took her home and banged her on hidden camera. Well、 Dada ended up getting addicted to the cock and kept bugging me to bang her again and again. Sometimes these Southeast Asian girls get so bored fucking the local dudes that when they encounter a well-endowed Western man、 they turn into cock-hungry sluts. It’s pretty awesome!I had so many new whores on my radar at this time、 I didn’t want to waste a load on Dada unless she could provide me with an extra service: housecleaning. So I invited the little whore over to my condo and conducted one of my patented job interviews….and by interviews I mean testing her cocksucking skills and pounding her ripe pussy with the cameras in her face this time. After some cursory dusting、 it was time to see what the little slut could do when she knew the cameras were rolling. Dada’s blowjob skills were decent (nothing to write home about)、 but the thing that I really coveted was her tight little fuck-slot. This slut was so tiny that sliding my 9-inch cock into her tight little body felt heavenly. Although Dada was in love with my big white dick、 she still struggled to take it all in. In fact、 the pain on her face when I was fucking her just turned me on more. I wanted to finish by shooting into her cunt while she was riding me、 so I sat on the couch and had the little whore mount me like a good obedient Bangmaid. She rode me hard and fast、 and I pumped her tiny little pussy like a jackhammer、 grabbing her round little asscheeks and shooting load after load of hot sticky semen into her fresh tight cum-chute. She was exhausted (and so was I) but she seemed genuinely happy to have made the Western man cum. Good girl Dada. Now get off your lazy ass、 clean up this big mess you made、 and make me some dinner!

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