DESCRIPTION : If you guys have had any experience picking up freelance hookers on Beach Road in Pattaya、 Thailand、 you know it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes you get really lucky and find a jewel、 but other times you get some real duds. At gogo bars、 you get ample time to ogle and evaluate these sexy little whores in their micro-bikinis before taking one home、 but with freelancers you have to take a gamble. Maybe they have stretch marks? Maybe saggy boobs that are artificially bolstered by a push-up bra? Maybe they have a wretched、 overused、 meaty pussy? You just can’t tell.That’s why I generally avoid Beach Road hookers as a rule. However、 there are always times for exceptions. Take this week’s secretly filmed hooker for example – Sanoh. I was out for a daily walk to clear my mind when I saw this sexy little freelancer selling her wares across the street from the McDonalds. She beckoned me over and we started chatting、 and within a minute I knew I wanted to breed this cute little whore. She was so cute with an adorable baby face and braces. I actually was worried she might not be 18、 but she showed me her ID and she had just turned 18 a couple months previously. Great! How much? 1、000 baht? Even better!We got back to my place and I immediately started the cameras rolling. One thing I didn’t anticipate was that this adorable little teen would have stretch marks across her belly. Yuck! I guess she got knocked up by a Thai guy last year and the baby wrecked her tummy. Oh well、 at least her tits were still pert and perky! Her nipples were actually amazing – she had those button nipples that I love so much. So sexy!The good thing about girls who’ve already borne babies is that you know their fecund and fertile. So after Sanoh gave me a long、 slow blowjob on the bed、 I pumped my 9-inch cock into the depths of her teenage vagina without mercy、 finally unloading into her unprotected womb while she was riding me. Was Sanoh surprised I creampied her? Definitely. Was she upset? Not at all! She simply smiled and said “I hope baby number two handsome farang like you.” I just laughed and replied “I’m sure it will be honey. Now go clean yourself up and get the fuck out of my hotel room.”

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