DESCRIPTION : フィギュアスケート選手の主人公は、憧れだった選手、ロシアが生んだ天才スケーターをコーチに迎え、国際大会の決勝戦まで駒を進めた。主人公はコーチに特別な感情を抱いていた。微妙な空気のまま決戦前日を迎えた2人。コーチは彼を、とある場所に連れ出すのだった…。2.5次元BLAV、ここに登場!!The main character of this piece、 a figure skater、 has reached the finals of an international competition with the athlete he always admired、 a prodigy skater from Russia、 who is also his coach. The protagonist always had special feelings for his coach. The two of them reach the day before the decisive competition with a delicate air about them. The coach takes him out to a certain place… We bring you the best in cosplay BL AV、 today!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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