DESCRIPTION : あどけない笑顔とムキムキの筋肉BODYの持ち主Tinaちゃん。イケメン男子の最初で最後のデビュー作。僕だけを愛してやまないすべてが完璧な男の娘。初めての手コキで濃厚射精。アナルを突かれてペニクリ汁垂れまくりの美しすぎる女装子。Tina-chan is the owner of an innocent smile and a muscular body. This is the first and last debut for this handsome boy. He is a perfect trap that loves me and only me. He cums super quick with his first ever hand job. This beautiful trans takes bottom and is a sight to behold leaking “man-clit” juices everywhere.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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