ACTRESS : 波多野結衣 広瀬奈々美(堀口奈津美)

DESCRIPTION : 幸せな結婚生活を送っている結衣の唯一の不満は夫がEDということ。隣に引っ越してきた夫婦の夜の営みの声が毎晩、聞こえてくることも欲求不満を加速させた。ある日、隣の住人が結衣の夫に相談があると言ってきた。それは自分の妻を抱いてくれという特殊な性癖の相談だったのだ…。Yui is happily married、 but her only complaint is that her husband has ED. Her frustration was accelerated by the fact that she could hear the voices of the couple who had moved in next door every night as they went about their nightly activities. One day、 a neighbor came to ask for advice from Yui’s husband. It was a consultation about his little fetish、 asking him to fuck his own wife…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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