DESCRIPTION : 共に生まれて共に育った6人兄弟。大人になっても変わらぬ日常を過ごす中、四男には兄弟には決して言えない秘密があった。いつの頃からか、実の兄である次男に家族以上の感情を抱くようになってしまった。ずっと心に秘めたままにしようと誓った想いは、ある日突然崩れてしまう。Six brothers、 born and raised. As he goes about his daily life as an adult、 brother #4 has a secret that he never tells his other brothers. At some point、 he began to feel something more than “family” towards brother #2、 his own brother! One day、 the feelings that he had vowed to keep hidden in his heart were suddenly shattered open.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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