DESCRIPTION : バイト先で経理をしている美人の人妻「蒼」にボクは惹かれていた…。ある日話していると旦那とセックスレスで上手くいっていないと分かり、つい夢中で口説いてしまった。その日から始まった不倫性交!妊娠の危険など忘れ、来る日も欲望のままに生ハメ中出しを繰り返した誰にも言えない一夏の背徳不倫!I was attracted to “Ao,” a beautiful married woman who worked as an accountant at my part-time job. One day, when I was talking to her, I found out that she was having sex with her husband and it wasn’t going well, so I was crazy about her and seduced her. That was the day we began our affair! Forgetting about the danger of pregnancy, she repeatedly fucked him raw and Nakadashi (inside the vagina) with her lust every day…an immoral affair in one summer that she couldn’t tell anyone!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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