ACTRESS : 推川ゆうり

DESCRIPTION : 推川ゆうり31歳。幼馴染で食品会社に勤める夫と結婚し、現在は4人暮らし。飲むと性欲が増すタイプ。いつも自ら夫を誘っているという。でも最近は夜の営みがめっきり減ってしまった。本当はもっとたくさんセックスがしたいし、たまには夫から激しく求められてみたい!取材班がそんな人妻の本音に迫っていく…! Yuri Suikawa is 31 years old. She is married to her husband, a friend who works for a food company, and currently lives with. Her libido increases. She says that she always invites her husband to join her. However, their nighttime activities have decreased drastically in recent years. She would like to have more sex, and would like to be desired more intensely by her husband once in a while! Our investigative team gets close to the true feelings of such a married woman..!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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