DESCRIPTION : 不倫相手にべた惚れし、毎日のように逢瀬を重ねていた人妻「東凛」。しかし、昨今の情勢により夫がテレワークで家にいることが多くなってしまう。会えない日が続き、欲求不満が限界に達した人妻は配達員のふりをさせた間男を家に呼び出す。そして、1日中何度も求め合う濃密ラブラブ性交!家にいる夫を意識の隅に追いやり、愛を確かめ合う禁断の中出し密着不倫。Married woman “Rin Higashi” is madly in love with her adulterous partner, and they have been seeing each other every day. However, due to the current situation, her husband works from home more and more often. The days when she cannot see him continue and her frustration reaches its limit, she calls a him and he pretends to be a delivery man. Then, they have a deep and intimate lovemaking session! A Forbidden and intimate affair in which they confirm their love for each other, while the husband is still home!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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