DESCRIPTION : パンチラ程度では物足りない!美少女のもろパンをじっくり堪能できるシリーズ。 今回はスレンダー美少女かなちゃん。一見地味な美少女が、実は根スケ度が超高い。スカートの意味をなさないくらいの脚おっ広げもろパンポーズの連続に恥じらいから興奮へと変わっていく。そしてパンティに染みをつくっていくのである。A little more than just a glimpse of the panties isn’t enough! This series allows viewers to take their time and enjoy the panties of a beautiful young lady. This time, we have a slender and beautiful girl, Kana. At first glance, she may look like a simple beauty, but in fact, she has a very high level of sexuality. Her skirt is barely there as she spreads her legs and poses in a series of bare-breasted poses. Slowly her shame into excitement, and her panites begin to become wet.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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